About us

Our mission - health & performance through intelligent nutrition.

We are a young, innovative family business with Austrian roots and international orientation in the field of health and nutrition technology (Nutri-Health).

We develop a new generation of pharma supplements to boost our health and performance. Our goal is to make our products not only to act more quickly and targeted than pills and powders, but also to taste better and more natural.

In 4 years of research we have developed a new, superior dosage form for that purpose:

LNCs - Liquid Nutrient Concentrates® by Dr.Owl® are highly concentrated, liquid nutrient complexes based on real juice. They are supplied in robust liquid sachets and dissolved in water for:

  • Instant effect - up to 10x faster absorption and optimal bioavailability.
  • Targeted function - by strictly scientific effects on important metabolic functions of our body.
  • Enjoyable intake - thanks to natural fruit juice basis without artificial aromas and colorants.

With the green regeneration drink Regeneraid ® and our Clean Drinking philosophy we want to redefine functionality and sustainability in the nutritional world.

Owls are our heraldic animals, their mythological meaning and evolutionary superiority are role models for our development.

Wisdom & progress - In Greek mythology, the owl is the sacred animal of Pallas Athena, the daughter of Zeus. She is the goddess of wisdom and has choosen the owl to protect the city of Athens. In combination with gearwheel and compass, the wise owl stands for progress through science and technology.

Evoloutionaly superiority - Owls glide virtually silently through the air thanks to the special construction of their feathers. Her sophisticated eyes focus perfectly on her goal day and night. This evolutionary superiority makes the owl one of the animals with the highest hunting success in the animal kingdom.



Mag. Georg Ferdinand Haschke 

Georg Haschke is a strategy and consumer goods expert and founder of Dr.Owl NutriHealth. After studying business administration in Vienna and Toronto, he held leading positions in global consumer goods companies and management consultancies.

Georg Haschke has gained extensive experience in strategic brand management and innovation management at global consumer goods companies such as Henkel, Nestlé and Roche. Among others, he was responsible for Henkel's international brand management of Persil in Central and Eastern Europe.

His experience in international consulting firms such as McKinsey and Simon-Kucher & Partners, where he was recently responsible for managing international strategy and marketing projects, round off his profile.

Director R&D

Univ. Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Haschke

Ferdinand Haschke is a visiting professor at the Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg, focusing on nutrition medicine. He manages a Swiss company specializing in medical product development.

In his position as Senior Vice President of Nestlé Nutrition (Switzerland), he was responsible for Medical and Scientific Affairs and Product Development. He was chairman of the Nestlé Nutrition Institute, which is the world's largest nutritional communication institute, and has market experience as managing director of Nestlé Nutrition South Africa and Germany. Thus, Ferdinand Haschke combines a profound management experience with scientific expertise.

With 20 patents and 273 scientific publications in journals, he adds tremendous nutritional and medical expertise and an international network of nutritionists to the team.

Sales Director

Mag. Kaan Faik

Kaan Faik is a cosmopolitan, communicative and dedicated marketing & sales expert, with extensive international experience.

After studying at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, he was able to expand his experience as part of his functions at Red Bull Energy Drink and AriZona Iced Tea.
As Marketing & Sales Manager, he was responsible for planning and executing all marketing and sales strategies in the CEE & CIS countries.

In the last 3 years he was working for a young company in the pharmaceutical and health sector, where he was able to contribute his entire know-how as well as learning new things himself.


Guest Blogger

Mag. Eva Sommer

is a communication, content and social media expert with more than 10 years of experience in the food industry.

The trained nutritionist was already able to make numerous experiences in the field of food and nutrition communication during her training. After completing her studies at the University of Vienna, she also focused on the areas of food marketing and "new media" and worked among others a content management expert and project manager in companies such as AMA-Marketing GesmbH or the organic brand "Zurück zum Ursprung".

She completes her nutritional know-how with her diploma studies in "Health, Nutrition and Psychology" at the Academy of Sport and Management. In addition to her expertise, the enthusiastic triathlete and multiple Ironman participant also brings valuable, personal experience in the field of sports and nutrition.

Project Manager
(currently at a educational leave / master studies)

Lukas Eidenhammer, BSc

Lukas Eidenhammer holds a bachelor's degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business specializing in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Human Resource Management.

He was head of the Business Planning project, which Dr.Owl conducted with the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation of WU Vienna in the winter semester 2013/14.