Clean Drinking

Our philosophy for a cleaner environment

Owls are adaptation artists and have conquered virtually every habitat, from treeless deserts to urban areas. All of their habitats have one thing in common: owls settle in only in clean natural landscapes.

As Dr.Owl we want to contribute to a clean environment. We commit to new ways of conserving resources with our Clean Drinking philosophy in terms of packaging, transport and ingredients.

CLEAN FOOTPRINT - minimized waste and CO2 emissions

By concentrated ingredients and small packaging bags, we reduce packaging waste by up to 90% compared to PET bottles and aluminum cans. We do not transport water, which means Dr.Owl products have a transport weight that is up to 95% lower. This leads to massive CO2 savings along the entire supply chain.

CLEAN PACKAGING - pollution-free, reusable water bottle

Every year, an average Central European consumes between 100 and 150 PET bottles. That means about 1 billion PET bottles in Austria alone and over 10 billion in Germany, which end up in the garbage every year.

We follow a new path by relying on reusable drinking bottles made of the durable high-tech material TRITAN. Free from plasticizers such as bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates, 100% dishwasher safe, stable and simply beautiful.

CLEAN INGREDIENTS - pure ingredients, free from harmful additives

We rely on the purest ingredients and use no sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colors and flavors with our Dr.Owl products. Dr.Owl products are completely allergen-, lactose- and gluten-free as well as 100% vegan.