Health Drinks is the most innovative form of beverage on the market. They contain liquid nutrients in a highly concentrated form and thus have a nutrient density of up to 20 pills. They take up little space, are very light and save huge amounts of CO2 and waste.

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Remove the top tab from the sachet and squeeze the contents into a glass of still or sparkling water (min. 300ml) or carafe. The concentrate will mix with the water automatically. So you don't need to shake, stir and it won't foam over.

You can also drink the Health Drinks directly from the sachet.
Since this is a caffeinated beverage (slow-release caffeine), we do not recommend the use of Health Drinks
by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.
We recommend max 1 sachet daily. However, this is to be considered individually and depending on how you react to another health drink. For example, a REGENERAID helps one in the morning and a CONCENTRAID for more concentration at work after an afternoon slump or a hard day at work.
We do not recommend taking it late at night. Unless you want to sit in bed like an owl :)
Our recommendation is to drink one Health Drink with water every day. The Health Drinks will immediately provide you with the essential nutrients to achieve your desired effect.
But of course it is up to you how many Health Drinks you want to enjoy every day, because everyone is individual and the days provide sometimes more and sometimes less challenges or stresses.
Unopened, our health drinks have a shelf life of 18 months from the date of filling - the best-before date is printed on the back of the white field on the sachet and on the bottom of the packaging. The prerequisite for this is cool storage.
This is due to the Healt Drink technology and the packaging.
To ensure that our health drinks have a long shelf life without the addition of preservatives, they are gently heated in the production process so that the valuable ingredients are preserved. They are packaged in a wafer-thin film - as thin as a hair - which protects them from oxygen and UV light.
Unopened, our health drinks do not need to be refrigerated. However, they must not be stored in a warm place or in a place directly exposed to the sun.
You can buy our Health Drinks in all pharmacies throughout Austria. If they are not in stock, the pharmacist can order them from the wholesaler and they will be ready for you to pick up in no time. The name of the brand and the product is sufficient. If it is not found in the system, you can specify the PZN number.

Of course, our products are also available directly from our online store. We also grant you high quantity discounts. Have a look here!
Our products are manufactured in Austria.


Yes. Our Health Drinks are 100% vegan, as we completely avoid animal ingredients.
No. The health drinks are sugar-free. The sweet taste comes from the stevia plant.

You can find the exact information about the ingredients and the nutritional value table on the respective product detail pages.


This has to do with the constant product quality. The taste of a fresh fruit juice depends on the slope, sunshine duration and degree of ripeness during harvesting - this makes the taste sometimes sweeter, sometimes more sour. In order to have the taste of the Health Drinks always uniform, so that you always get the same quality with each delivery, we therefore use fruit juice concentrate.
Simple answer: Regeneraid, Concentraid and Immunaid have 0g of carbohydrates.

Acceleraid has minimal traces of just 2.4g/100g


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