What is Chlorophyll? More than just plant green – a life elixir

Was ist Chlorophyll? Mehr als nur Pflanzengrün – ein Lebenselixier

Chlorophyll is nature's green marvel. It is the substance that allows plants to convert sunlight into energy, perform photosynthesis, and grow. Without chlorophyll, there would be no life on our planet.

In our diet, the green pigment is also unique and is considered a true health booster for body and mind due to its countless functional properties. How to utilize these health-promoting properties and the natural green color is demonstrated by DR.OWL with Regeneraid.

Chlorophyll - Nature's Wonder

Chlorophyll is often rightly referred to as "green blood" because the green plant pigment bears a striking resemblance to our body's own red blood pigment, hemoglobin. The only major difference is that the center of chlorophyll's chemical structure contains a magnesium molecule, while the center of hemoglobin's structure contains iron. This structural similarity is presumably directly related to many of its health effects on humans.

"Green Blood" for Our Performance

Chlorophyll is primarily said to have a positive effect on the formation of red blood cells. This means that consuming chlorophyll through food can improve the oxygen supply to the human body - cell regeneration is accelerated, the metabolic process is optimized, and brain cells are better supplied with blood. More oxygen also means better performance, both in sports and work.

Secondary Plant Compound as a Health Booster

Chlorophyll is one of the secondary plant compounds and, in addition to its positive effects on our blood, has countless other positive properties, as scientific studies show:

  • Chlorophyll accelerates tissue regeneration and wound healing
  • Chlorophyll protects our body cells from free radicals thanks to its antioxidant effect
  • Chlorophyll promotes pleasant body and mouth odor through its deodorizing effect

The Green Power in Regeneraid

But how can you take advantage of chlorophyll's positive effects on health? The best way is to consume plenty of green vegetables and fruits. The general rule is: the greener a food, the higher its chlorophyll content.

If you want to have your chlorophyll source always with you, the best choice is DR.OWL's Regeneraid. The drink immediately stands out with its unmistakable, bright green color! If you think this is artificially achieved, you are mistaken. Regeneraid owes its typical green color solely to its chlorophyll content. The chlorophyll is extracted from grass with a particularly high chlorophyll content, which is specially cultivated for this purpose.

So, drink clean and green!

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