The Battle for the Summer Body! What is Often Forgotten

Der Kampf um den Summerbody! Was oft vergessen wird

The Battle for the Summer Body

Why do the results often fall short in the fight for the last-minute summer body despite motivation and intense training efforts? Because we forget the most important thing...

Over-motivated into "physiological burnout"

Before summer, magazines lure us with tips and training plans for the "last-minute dream body." The formula is usually the same: more training, fewer calories.

Anyone who believes that fat melts away, muscles grow, and the next session can come right after the first intense workout without the necessary recovery is greatly mistaken. This way, you risk achieving the exact opposite: a drop in performance, injuries, and physiological "burnout."

Sport actually means stress for the body. Every time we train, we damage our muscle fibers on a microscopic level. We also deplete our micronutrient and energy stores and produce lactate - a waste product that has no place in the body in the long run.

Success through optimal regeneration

It often happens that overly motivated people who are just starting a training program and want to see quick results in a short time forget the most important thing: giving the body the right nutrients and the time it needs to process all the training stimuli and recover optimally.

That's why you should place as much value on optimal body regeneration as on training itself - because only those who regenerate properly will see a rising performance curve in the short or long term and achieve quick results!

Regeneration in Sports

Regeneration includes all processes necessary to restore physiological balance. It is always related to prior exertion. This can mean:

  • Removal of metabolites or lactate
  • Replenishment of depleted nutrient stores
  • Anabolism (cell building)
  • Adaptation to prior stimuli (see also supercompensation)

All these processes require time and the necessary "building blocks."

How to practically apply this knowledge and achieve optimal regeneration in a short time, you will find out in the continuation "Fuel Up Right - Do it Right!"


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